Crew Call Out for Feature Film Test Shoot

By March 12, 2013 Jobs

I would like to offer the opportunity to be part of a crew in a screen test shoot for a feature script I am writing and developing as writer and executive producer. The purpose of this test shoot is to audition/film three actresses performing an excerpt from my original script to camera.

Your role for the shoot would be one of the following:

2nd Assistant Director [talent handling, assist art dept] Art Dept Assistant

The feature idea is a romantic comedy called ‘Love and Other Wars’.

The script excerpt will be shot with an actress acting a scene to camera.  The scene tells the story of a character who features in one of the film’s sub-plots.

The shoot will take place Sunday 31st March 2013 on a closed studio set in Mascot.

This is an unpaid role so as such it is okay if you are a recent graduate student and are looking for experience. You can request a copy of an edit of the shoot for your show reel and are welcome to exchange business cards and details with other crew members.  Refreshments and a light snack will be provided on set.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to work with an exciting crew including director, Mario Brce.

Last year Mario directed an episode of television for the news and current affairs show ‘Forum Sydney’, a production collaboration between Metro Screen and the TVS network in Sydney. This series attracted positive media reviews and was received well by its audience. He recently worked on a music video for the electronic duo The Presets. Mario is also an experienced theatre director with a passion for the arts.

Your 1st Assistant Director is an exciting director/writer filmmaker from New Zealand, Sarah Roberts. Sarah has worked extensively on film sets and is heading to New York later this year to pursue film opportunities in the US.

Please let me know your availability to attend the shoot in email to:
or call Jean Riki on 0404 145288

Deadline: Wednesday 20th March, 5pm

Once you are confirmed as participating in the test shoot Sarah will be in touch with further details including copies of your call sheet two days out from the shoot on the 29th March.