Crew Required for Short Film

By February 10, 2014 Jobs

We’re shooting a short film down on Seven Mile Beach from the 21st-23rd of February. We’re crewing up at the moment and we’re looking for some extra hands to help make it a seamless shoot.

We’re shooting Red Epic and have the Movi rig to play with.

We’re looking for:
– Anyone with some AC experience.
– Anyone who can hold large shade cloths to help light the scene.
– A runner/PA
– Anyone who is interested in unit managing/catering
– Anyone who is interested in filming and editing a BTS piece. Must have experience but gear can be sourced.

We’ll be providing food, accommodation and petrol for those with a car. It will be a fun shoot on the beach so if you’re interested in getting out of the city for a couple of days, send us an email with your details and experience.


The story is about a man as he follows elephant tracks along the beach, while being pursued by a big cat.