Crew Required for Short Film

By March 21, 2013 Jobs

I am producing a short film which is to be shot in the upcoming months of this year.  All applicants are to be advised that this is based on a Volunteer Agreement and Deal Memo basis. All applicants must have their own equipment as the Production Co. will not be supplying it.

One Paragraph Synopsis:

This film is a Psychological-Thriller about a patient, Knife, and a Psychiatrist, Kara who are faced together in a small room. What Kara believes to be another arduous session with her patient quickly becomes false. He decides to tell her his deepest and darkest secrets. How he slowly tortures and murders his victims. Kara quickly realises that there is more to the story. How many murders have there been? Who are his victims? As she struggles to remain calm and collected, she must decide if he is in fact telling the truth and how far is she really willing to go to obtain the truth. As the climatic end to the story approaches, it is not only Knife’s secrets that come to the surface but Kara’s too. What is she hiding? Could she possibly be as lethal and dangerous as the man sitting before her?

List of jobs needing to be filled:

1. Production Designer
2. Script Supervisor
3. Key Grip
4. Head Gaffer
5. Sound Recordist
6. Editor
7. Color Grader
8. 1st Assistant Director
9. Unit Manager
10. Focus Puller

Contact: Tomas McBride, Writer/Producer/Director
Phone: 0402 569097

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