Crew Required for Short Film A Priest in the Family

By May 6, 2013 Jobs

Crew Roles Required For ‘A Priest in the Family’. Small remuneration may be possible

Some crew still needed for ‘A Priest in the Family’, an adaptation of a short story by Colm Toibin, directed by Anni Finsterer & Peter Humble.

Some remuneration may be possible with some of the roles.

We have a great cast assembled including Lynette Curran, Susie Porter and Gillian Jones.
This is a big short film and given the currency of the story & the personnel already behind it, one that is brimming with potential for a wide reach.

Shooting dates are, 28th September to 6th October 2013. Mostly in Portland, NSW and some locations in Sydney.

A Priest in the Family is a simply told tale of a mother facing the ultimate disgrace and no one, not her family nor friends, seems quite sure how to tell her that her son, a priest, is an accused pedophile. This story pivots on the recognition that there may well be no other family relationship more fascinating and more fraught with the tension between intimacy and detachment, than between a mother & son. The story of A Priest in the Family belongs to Molly, a vigorous Australian mother in her late 70s, who attempts to keep up with the changing times of her grandchildren by mastering the Internet, but who’s unsure of the traditions she has inherited; in particular, the power of prayer. When Molly learns that her son Frank, a local parish priest, is about to go on trial for sexual abuse of some former students, the tragic circumstances provide them with an opportunity for a kind of reconciliation. If only they could communicate and bridge the gap.

We are looking for:
– Production Manager/line producer
– Camera Assistant/focus puller (shooting on Red)
– Gaffer
– Production Designer
– Someone to manage our crowd funding page

For enquiries, expressions of interest or questions you can contact:
Mobile: 0422 933171