Crew Required – Safety Third

By November 12, 2013 Jobs

Running time: 7 Min (Approx)

Genre: Supernatural thriller

Shoot Days: Mid December 2013 (Approx. 3 days)


After waking in White Jacket Forest tied to a tree, Daniel and Barket are faced with the infernal consequences of their pasts. They have been kidnapped by Jerry, a damaged loner who seeks revenge for the physical and psychological abuse they inflicted upon him back in school but White Jacket forest possesses a dark history and has plans of it’s own. Can Daniel, Barket and Jerry forget their dysfunctional history and fight to survive the unforeseen horror that will do anything in it’s power to eliminate them or will blood have to be shed for them to reconcile.

About the creators:

Anthony Lim [Director/Writer/Producer] attended Metro Screen Certificate IV in Screen and Media in 2011. Having worked on productions during the course has decided to create an original project with the weird and slightly macabre. John Gatliff an experienced [Cinematographer/Photographer] who has worked on many ads and indie projects is also part of the team. We are looking for enthusiastic film makers who would love to work on a genre piece that is outside of the typical. 1st AD, Make up Artist, Sound and Production Designer are key to this production but we are looking for all principal crew. The shoot is currently planned for mid december. We are wanting to find key members now so we can start working with them closely and build a cohesive vision together. Please be aware that this is voluntary work but ideal for anyone who is looking to get some more experience and wants to work with like-minded and passionate film makers.

Contact: Anthony Lim