DOP Required For One-Week Shoot (Paid)

By June 10, 2015 Jobs

A dialogue-heavy comedy requires an experienced DOP who can help elevate a series of comedic conversations into a visually stunning film.

The style of humour is similar to Clerks or The Dictator, so the demographic to which it appeals is vast. If you feel you are in that demographic, and you think the film might net a massive return (you would also have a share of any profits the film made, in addition to the one-time payment), then please reply with your email address and I will send you the script.

Having your own equipment (lights/cameras) is highly preferable, as this is a micro-budget film, but it is not essential. We will be shooting almost exclusively indoors in the one household.

Pay: $1000-$1500 (depending on experience) for one-week (and two days prep time).

Dates: 11–17 July (with 10 July for rehearsal/blocking).