Eleanor: Short Film Funding Campaign

By June 3, 2014 In production

My name is Martin Imrie and I’m a first year law and media student who needs help funding my film – Eleanor.

Eleanor is a 19 year old university student on the cusp of adulthood who begins to understand the implications of adult life through the disappointment.  The film explores Eleanor’s journey of self-awareness and the broader themes of ennui, loneliness and patience. Through Eleanor’s eyes we are introduced to several characters: Meredith, her distant mother; Kim, her best friend and constant reminder of her failings and shortcomings; and Keith, an old acquaintance who, like Eleanor, feels out of place in the broader scheme of life.

Filming will take place from 11-13 July, and will be shot on the Canon 5d Mk III, equipped with Canon cinema lenses.

Through Indiegogo I hope to raise funds to create a work that can communicate my vision effectively and professionally. Any donation, no matter how small, will help! The money will go towards equipment hire, transport, food, housing and festival submissions.

For more information visit: Eleanorshortfilm or Eleanoronfacebook

For donations visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/eleanor–2/x/7547443

For general enquiries email: martin.imrie95@gmail.com