Exec Producer wanted for 4 Short Films

By September 30, 2014 Jobs

“The Spring Quartet”

One of the necessary challenges in getting the funds together for a project is to find someone with the skills, contacts and know-how to pull things together and make it happen. We are looking for such a person – someone who can come on board and help make it happen. So if you are such a person, then please contact me here and let me know.

Here we have four short films each with its own story. They can be enjoyed as a single film, or as the complete set. They are a touch on the dark side – with a twist in the tale.



Call them comedy pieces with a common theme. Each looks at how things can go wrong and how we would love to find a way to go back and fix things up – make it right.

Each story is separate – dealing with how life keeps dealing a joker when you least expect it.