Extras Required for Short Film

By May 16, 2013 Jobs

I’m Extras Casting for a short film and we are looking at Casting 35 to 50 Students (Male) for a large School Yard scene.

Anyone who is interested is more than welcome to come along. We are looking for boys between the ages of 16 -19 (with the look of 15 – 17 years).

The Director and Producer are after Boys who can pass as school students. So if you’re over 19, it doesn’t matter, just as long as they can pass off around the 15-17 age mark.

This is quite a large Production that will be Internationally released (Film Festivals). Carl Robertson is our DOP (filmed ‘Road Train’) and it would give the students a great experience on being on a Professional Set and gain Professional experience.

In terms of Costume, you only need to wear a School Uniform, Navy pants and White Collared Shirt (long sleeved). If you don’t have Navy pants then Navy Tracksuit pants will suffice.

We are shooting on Tuesday 21st May 2013 at St John’s College, Newtown.

Time of arrive will be at 08:30 to 09:30 (I will have a locked in time of arrival 17.5.13) and a wardrobe supervisor and myself will be checking the extra’s costumes when they arrive.

Who comes along needs a Permission Letter from their School (If attending one) stating they have permission to not attend their classes.

You will only be needed for around 4 hours.

Also, once you do arrive on set, I will be there to greet and meet everyone and will hand you standard Extra’s Personal Release Forms.

Contact: Tom McBride

Phone: 0402 569097