In the eligibility criteria you mention that previous produced works should have demonstrated strong audience response and/or Industry acclaim. What do you mean by this?

As a broad guideline, in terms of ‘strong audience response’, for web series and short works released online we would be looking at the number of Youtube hits received, Vimeo Staff Picks, and Short of the Week, as indicators of audience response.

In terms of ‘Industry Acclaim’, we mean screenings at prestigious film festivals, awards at prestigious film festivals, and awards from Industry guilds and associations.

We do not want to be prescriptive about which festivals and which awards as we recognise that any list will miss out on some festivals that are well respected.

As a guide, festivals that are recognised as Oscar-qualifying by the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences, FIAPF-accredited or Bafta-recognised, are seen in a positive light.


Should my application be successful, do I get any say in the Production Company I am placed with?

Yes. As you will see in the application form, we ask all applicants to list up to three production companies they would like to be placed with.

Should you be successful in gaining a placement, we would review your choices and then assess those choices against your career objectives. We also take into consideration the current capacity of the production company to mentor and supervise you through the time of your placement.

Taking all of this into consideration, and in consultation with you, we would meet with the ‘best fit’ production company for you.


If I were successful with my application, how would I get paid throughout the placement? Is this a grant?

This is not a ‘grant’ as such. Should you be successful, you will be paid a total of

$14, 750, plus superannuation, distributed fortnightly over the 24 weeks of your placement. At three days per week, we have calculated this to be approximately $25 per hour.

You will be required to invoice Metro Screen on a fortnightly basis. As such you will need to get an ABN should you not already have one.

You will be covered by Metro Screen’s Workers Compensation and Public Liability Insurance for the duration of your placement.


I do not live in NSW. Can I still apply for the EPP?

No. This program is for NSW residents only.

Individuals from interstate are not eligible to apply.


I would love to apply for this, but I’m not sure if I am free between late May and November 2015. Should I still apply?

No. You must be able to commit to 3-days per week from late May through to the end of November. If you cannot commit to this timeframe, you cannot participate in the program.


I want to apply for the EPP, but I also want to apply for the EFF Fund. Can I do both?

Should you be one of the two individuals selected for the EPP, you may not apply for the EFF in the same calendar year, however you are encouraged to apply to subsequent EFF rounds.

Unsuccessful EPP applicants will be notified of the EPP outcome in time to apply for EFF in the same calendar year.

Those who have done or are finishing an EFF film are also encouraged to apply.


I am committed to a career in the screen industry but don’t have connections with production companies. Do I need that to be successful with EPP?

We aren’t looking for the best-connected emerging producers. Just the best emerging producers.

We assess applications based on merit. We are looking for talent and potential.

However, the qualities of a good producer does include the ability to network, so you should be able to demonstrate that you have the capacity to network given the right guidance, as this is a key element to building a successful career in screen.


I have lots of ideas but have never produced anything. Can I still apply?

No. One of the pre-requisites of this program is that you must have at least two short form screen credits as a producer.

If you have never produced any content before, we recommend getting out there and making some content. Metro Screen offers the ‘Breaks’ program, which is ideal for people starting out with great ideas. Also check out, ‘Jumpstart’, which is a year round equipment subsidy program designed to give emerging filmmakers access to equipment and facilities to make short films, documentaries, and web series.