Fillim Wants Your Films

By November 12, 2012 Entries

Fillim is an innovative online distributor of film and screen content across the globe.
As part of our philosophy to support the grassroots film industry in Australia and beyond, we’re providing a rare opportunity for film students to gain global exposure for their academic coursework and independent projects. There are many benefits for students and emerging filmmakers such as:

– no fees or ongoing costs (at all)

– they set their own sale price (or make it free)

– an industry-leading 70% revenue for all film sales

– non-exclusivity, length of term or lock-in contracts

Fillim is all about flexibility, accessibility and putting control (and profit) back into the hands of filmmakers.

We’re leading the Australian film industry into the new age of digital distribution, already well established in regions like the USA. Did you know annual global video-on-demand revenue reached $3.9 billion in 2011?