Forum Sydney Episode 4 – Crime

By January 16, 2013 TV

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Crime is an issue that is correctly identified as key to the future of Sydney residents.

The panel are pictured above and they joined the discussion on Forum Sydney of this important issue that was hosted by Brian Carlton (at centre).

The special guest panelists were (above) Deputy Commissioner Nick Kaldas – NSW Police Force; Lisa Davies – Sydney Morning Herald; Dr Hugh McDermott – Charles Sturt University Legal Studies; and The Hon. Robert Borsak, MLC – Shooter and Fishers Party

In this episode we discuss:

‘How do we maintain a sense of security and keep our fears in check, when our perceptions of criminality across Sydney are not always aligned with the realities? Is crime in Sydney actually getting worse or is it just being reported more and highlighted by the media?’

This episode focuses on Crime, and discusses the relationship between media reporting and crime statistics in recent years. We tackle alcohol related violence, the use of Tasers by police and investigate a recent spate of drive by shootings in Western Sydney. This episode will bring to light the realities on Sydney’s current crime issues.