Digital Kitchen is an annual Metro Screen initiative that explores the future of screen media through a program of master classes, seminars and special events. In recent years Digital Kitchen has canvassed the gamut of interactive story to games development, from portable device apps development to the creation of media-rich mobile phone content applications.

In 2014, Digital Kitchen produced a documentary that looks ahead to the next 10-15 years and asks the big questions:  What will the screen industry look like in 2030 and will a creative screen career pay the rent?

The documentary, Screen 2030: Making My Content Pay, was launched as a VIVID IDEAS event, to a full house at the MCA. After the screening, host Tim Parsons led a panel discussion exploring the future careers of emerging content makers with some of the screen and media industry’s key thinkers including media futurist, Mark Pesce, Senior Manager of Strategy, Research and Communications at Screen Australia, Georgie McClean, Emmy Award winning producer, Marcus Gillezeau,  and all media documentary producer, Ester Harding.

‘If a screen professional wants to have a career in 2030, they need to be doubling down on their story capability, their world and myth making. Those capabilities come to the front’.
Mark Pesce, Media Futurist


An exploration of the future careers of content makers by some of the screen and media industry’s key thinkers, discussing the issues of changing audiences and distribution for screen content.

Georgie McClean, Senior Manager of Strategy, Research and Communications at Screen Australia
Mark Pesce, futurist (Moore’s Cloud)
Marcus Gillezeau, digital producer (Firelight Productions)
Mike Jones, writer (Portal Entertainment)
Louise O’Donnell, writer/producer (Hoodlum)
Sandy George, media commentator
Peter Giles, educator, developer and producer (2and2)
Galvin Scott Davis (Protein One)
Ester Harding, documentary producer (Storm Surfers 3D, I Am a Girl, Goa Hippy Tribe)
with guest host Tim Parsons

‘This is the best time ever to be a writer, creator, producer or director of stories because there’s never been more diverse audiences, there’s never been more active niches and there’s never been more mediums to tell these stories’.
Mike Jones, Writer, Portal Entertainment.

“Metro Screen is committed to expanding development opportunities for content producers working within the all-screen and virtual distribution environment”,
David Opitz Metro Screen Projects and Productions Manager

DIGITAL KITCHEN is supported by Screen NSW.


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