FX Costume Designer Wanted – Fairy Fort

By April 8, 2014 Jobs

We want you to design the bunyip! We’re emerging film-makers who are working on a short film, ‘Fairy Fort.’ Fairy Fort is currently in the pre-production stages, with shooting to commence on 22nd September, and tells the story of Maddy- a young girl who discovers a sinister force lurking in the woods by her grandfather’s house. we’re looking for an awesome costume designer to work on realising one of our characters- the mythical Australian creature, Bunyip.

You’ll have lots of creative control over this project. Descriptions of the Bunyip vary widely and are easily accessible online. We envision a creature which is imposing (think, the faun in ‘Pan’s Labyrinth), shares unusual traits of marsupials and can reside on land/water. It will be human sized, costume to fit the actor. To realise our bunyip, we envision a creatively designed costume, perhaps in silicon or latex, which is capable of lasting for 2 days of shooting. The overall look will be enhanced in post production by the Vfx editor, however should be well-made and scary enough on its own to allow our child actor to interact with it! We are offering payment for materials and a possible nominal fee on top of this (pending funding: however, all of our crew will receive a contract entitling them to deferred payments, ie. Payment at a later date from any revenue earned by the film, on a pari-passu basis), as well as a costume designer credit in a festival ready feature film and digital film set stills for you to use for promotional purposes. You will also be connected with us on our growing social media profiles where we will promote the s**t out of you! We envision opportunities for further work in future.

To apply, please submit an itemised budget for materials, a time-frame for completion and several drawings of your concept. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information. Apply by May 20th 2014.

Email: idlewrath@hotmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/idlewrath
Twitter: @IdleWrath