Hit Girls

By December 13, 2012 Events

Hit Girls, a martial arts action comedy short film, featuring Hong Kong celebrity actress, dubbed as the female Bruce Lee, Juju Chan will hit the local screens at the Fairfield School of Arts, 19 Harris St, Fairfield NSW on Friday 21st December at 7pm. Made by a collective of local guerrilla filmmakers, based in Fairfield in Sydney’s West, Hit Girls captures the local passion for the martial arts action film genre and presents it in a new, dynamic and exciting way.

Hit Girls is a 15 minute set in outback suburbia gun play comedy exploring the sisterhood of two deadly assassins; busty barbie doll, and not so bright, Pixie Ho (Juju Chan) and hot-tempted, chronic smoker tomboy Charlie Vu (Maria Tran) and their plight to take down their childhood crush-turned-triad leader, the charismatic Michael Huang (Thien Nguyen).

But things get heavy when the girls crash his high roller party, especially when they are in the midst of a S.W.A.T team bust led by the goody-too-shoes Chief of Police, Macquade (Adrian Castro).

It boasts as many kick arse high octane shoot outs, explosions, impressive action and showdowns as possible. The result is fast, furious and funny. Hit Girls, will take the signature gunplay from old school Hong Kong action films to hyperbolic extremes and is something quite refreshing set against the typical Australian dramas.

Bookings for the screening are essential via: http://tiny.cc/w12vnw
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hitgirlfilm