Hola Mexico Film Festival 2013

By August 13, 2013 Events

Get ready for a fabulous film fiesta as the 8th annual Hola Mexico Film Festival returns this year to Australia with the best of Mexican cinema including 2013’s surprise comedy blockbuster, Nosotros Los Nobles (We are the Nobles). From 24th October to 8th December, the festival will tour Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth, bringing along more than 100 screenings across the country, live entertainment and parties marking the opening and closing nights at each city. At each city, the Hola Mexico Film Festival will kick off with a fabulous Opening Night Fiesta. The fiesta will start with a screening of this year’s Hola Mexico opening night film, Nosotros Los Nobles (We Are The Nobles), a riches-to-rags story told with a heavy dose of the unique Mexican sense of humour. Nosotros Los Nobles broke box office records in Mexico upon its release earlier this year, selling a record 6.8million tickets and becoming the #1 Mexican film in box office history.

The comedy blockbuster, directed by Gary Alazraki, tells the story of a construction mogul Herman Noble who realises his children are spoiled beyond redemption and tricks them into believing they are bankrupt and are fugitives from the law. He then moves them into a poor neighbourhood and makes them work, something they have never had to do before. The self-aware comedy became a surprise hit as director Gary Alazraki, himself a former Mexican rich kid, struck a chord with Mexican filmgoers with his tongue-in-cheek portrayal of the effects of the massive income gap in Mexico, a country where a limited few holds a great chunk of the nation’s wealth. Featuring aspects of the Mexican socialite world drawn from the director’s own experiences, part of the film’s main draw to its local audience was the way it portrayed the unique Mexican sense of humour.

Hola Mexico Film Festival’s mission is to bring the best in Mexican cinema, food and music to Australian cities. The festival will hold its grand opening in Melbourne, where the festival will run at ACMI Cinemas from 24th to 29th October. Next stop is, Perth on 14th to 21st November at Cinema Paradiso then on to Sydney on 27th November to 3rd December at the Paddington’s Chauvel Cinemas. The final leg of the Hola Mexico tour will be in Adelaide on 29th November to 8th December at the Mercury Cinema.

The party doesn’t end when the credits roll, filmgoers are invited to purchase an all-inclusive ticket that will grant access to the screening and the after party that will follow on. Take the time to enjoy some infectious tunes from the live entertainment and the tasty Mexican beers and nibbles.

Tickets go on sale soon from: http://www.holamexicoff.com