Metro Screen welcome Graeme Mason

By July 31, 2013 Blog, Industry News

Metro Screen welcomes the appointment of Graeme Mason as Screen Australia CEO. As the current head of the NZ Film Commission we are pleased to see that Mason actively supports short film funding as a critical step in screen career pathways.

Mason said in a recent interview; “I guess we (NZFC) are the prime supporter of industry development across all factors. So we do training, we do professional development, we do script and story development, we do production funding of shorts and features……..Most features that we have at the moment are people who have come through some other part of our system…. What it means is that we’re supporting about 22 shorts a year, so they can’t all move into film and television careers, but hopefully we can support several to keep moving forward.”

He makes some great comments about keeping the talent pool fresh “Our primary goal is to keep people moving along, and obviously what we hope is that eventually people also move on to have international careers and the reason we like that is, it’s not like we want them all to leave, but obviously that frees up room behind for other people to continue to come through. It continues building our reputation and then you have people like Jane Campion who come back and do ‘Top of the Lake’ and that’s fantastic”. Metro Screen very much values the funding support we receive from Screen Australia each year, including the Raw Nerve program which, to date, has funded the production of over 40 short films by emerging filmmakers.

We thank Ruth Harley, as the outgoing Chief Executive of Screen Australia, for her support of the emerging sector and screen resource organisations, especially through the transition period when the screen agencies were merged. The relationship has been further strengthened with our recent triennial funding agreement. We wish Ruth all the very best.