When the over leveraged US economy implodes, students at an elite boarding school take a stand against government corruption and demand radical action to halt the collapse and save the country.

We are now in the late stages of our Kickstarter campaign to help cover our remaining post-production bills.  We have many wonderful rewards to give but most of all, you would be helping support 35mm independent feature film making which is sadly becoming a rare craft.

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Like Lambs stars Liam Aiken (Ned Rifle, Lemony Snicket’s), Connor Paolo (Mystic River, Gossip Girl, Revenge), Justin Chon (Twilight, 21 and Over), Chanelle Peloso (Incredible Crew, Zapped) and Godfrey (Louie, Soul Plane, Zoolander). This is the feature debut of writer, director, actor Ted Marcus and the narrative feature film debut of Australian producer/sound designer John Kassab, following the success of hit documentary 12 O’Clock Boys.

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