Low Life

By August 1, 2013 Events

Depression makes no sense. It strikes people who you don’t suspect would have it. It’s something hidden. Because it’s something to be embarrassed about. Those that have it are weird and are to be avoided. Depression, like all mental health, is stigmatised. It’s a symptom of the modern world. And yet when we talk about it it can be funny and even cathartic. Which is why I wanted to make a series about it. Low Life by no means offers solutions. It doesn’t even pretend to. But hopefully it sheds light where there was once darkness on a topic that, until even a few weeks ago, I was afraid to talk about. 

Low Life will be filmed in Los Angeles with an incredible Australian and American cast and crew.  But we need your help to be able to make it. You can contribute by heading to our Kickstarter page:


It’s not a charity. In return, you guys get something back: downloads, DVD’s posters etc. 

If you can’t afford to give, that’s totally cool. Just reading this and spreading the word helps Low Life and the destigmatisation of mental illness.