Make-Up Artist, Hair Stylist, and Wardrobe Stylist Required for One-Week Shoot

By June 16, 2015 Jobs

Roommates is non-PC comedy similar in style to Borat, South Park and Clerks, but a little tamer.

1. We require a make-up artist. The make-up on this film will be quite simple. Our leading lady needs to look more venomous than she really is, and we do have quite a few female characters attending a party and they need to be dolled up to the nines. For our male characters, we are thinking perhaps no make-up is suitable for most of them because they are gritty people who live in a gritty house, but we’d love to hear your thoughts about this.

2. We require a hair stylist who can pull off a few different looks. We need some fashionable hair styles for our female characters—one that will make our lead actress look older and more imposing than she is; one that will maximise the size of our lead male’s forehead; and a few other hairstyles that are not fully determined that you could have a large say on.

3. We also need a wardrobe stylist. We have a real mix of characters who will be fun to dress up: a very stylish woman at a party; a heavy-set woman who wears skimpy clothes; a guy who wears his leather jacket over everything, including shorts and jandals; an odd-ball character who we want to look slightly off just by his appearance; and a leading lady who needs to look professional and venomous.

Budget-wise, we’re incredibly low — we’d be looking to use mostly what’s already available in the actors/actresses wardrobes, and anything else you or I might have lying around; and the rest would have to be sourced from op-shops, which could make for a challenge but a fun one given the characters we have to dress up.

This is a micro-budget film, so unfortunately these are volunteer positions. However, you would definitely receive a share of any potential profits, so if you want to have a look at the script and determine whether you think the film will make money (through festival awards or through distribution), apply now and I’ll send it to you.

Shoot dates are 11-17 July (or possible 10-18 July) in Kingsford, Sydney.

Please apply to Matthew at, providing details of any equipment or materials you might need.