Male Actor Seeking Work

By January 7, 2015 Jobs

My name is Tadd Vartanians, and I am a young male actor looking for work. If you think I fit the bill for a role you need to fill, please feel free to contact me.

Phone: (02) 9807 7517
Mobile: 0431 841 514

Height: 175cm, Hair: Black, Eyes: Brown

Advanced Diploma of Arts in Stage and Screen Acting – Actors College of Theatre and Television 2012-2014
Acting for Screen course with Serhat Caradee
Certificate 4 in Stage and Screen Acting – Actors College of Theatre and Television 2011
Mechanics of emotion and presence (Michael Chekhov) with Natela Dzuliashvili 2011

Played Tom in Spare Change, a short film Directed by Leah Beanland 2013
Co-wrote, co-directed and co-starred in season pilot of  You Gotta Be Dreaming sketch comedy 2012
Lead male role in professional music video Have You Seen This Day by Kirsten Lawler 2010

Played Horst in Bent by Martin Sherman. Director Luke Rogers 2014
Played Nicholas Chatman in Punk Rock by Simon Stephens. Director John O’Hare 2014
Played Ham and Mr Murdstone in David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. Director Sean O’Riordan 2014
Played Palamon in The Two Noble Kinsman by Fletcher and Shakesperare. Director. Sean O’Riordan 2013
Played Joe Pitt in Angels in Amreica by Tony Kushner. Director. Glen Hamilton 2013
Played Dr. Lvov in Ivanov by Anton Chekhov. Director. Winston Cooper 2013
Played Dan in Closer by Patrick Marber. Director. Kate Hankin 2012
Played Johnny Pope in A Hat Full Of Rain by Michael V. Gazzo. Director. Sean O’Riordan 2012
Played Steve in The Return by Reg Cribb. Director. Sean O’Riordan 2011
Played Soranzo in Tis Pity She’s a Whore by John Ford. Director Peter Dunn 2010
Played Charles and William in Shakespeare’s As You Like it Director Terrence Crawford 2010
Played character B David Mamets L.A Sketches 2009

Accents: American, RP, Manchunian, Australian
Stage combat: Basic Stage Combat Certificate (hand to hand, rapier)
Dance: basic jazz
Martial arts: Taekwondo – advanced blue belt, basic mma
Other skills: soccer, strength training, running, singing
Full car licence
Equity no: 2013505

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