Metro Screen Announces The Four Interactive Digital Kitchen Projects

By March 13, 2013 Industry News

Digital Kitchen is an initiative providing cash production budgets of up to $5000 for four emerging interactive content developers to mature their interactive projects beyond concept stage to a ‘ripe for investment’ or market ready level.

Digital Kitchen is focused at producers of commercially oriented innovative projects that provide a rich interactive media experience for the user.

Following the June delivery of their demonstration prototype the developers will pitch their interactive property to a panel of industry investors and funding body representatives.

The 2013 Digital Kitchen projects are:

Protocol E by Matt Cabanag.
Hero-based, Action Real-Time-Strategy (RTS) game.

Cockatoo Island Ghost Story by Que Minh Luu.
Geo-locative audio drama smartphone app

Big Baby by Caroline Kinny Lewis.
Children’s mobile game app for IOS and Android.

Boarders by Alex Weinress.
Interactive transmedia narrative experience.

“Metro Screen is committed to expanding development opportunities for content producers working within the all-screen and virtual distribution environment”, David Opitz Metro Screen Projects and Productions Manager