Metro Screen Filmmaker Wins At SPAA Fringe

By October 25, 2010 Congratulations

Roy Weiland and his project ‘Barton The Ghost Catcher’ are now just one competition win away from CANNES.

As one of the two winners of the SPAA Fringe competition Roy will now compete at the Holding Redlich Pitching Comp at SPAA Conference in mid November. The winner of this competition will receive an airfare to the Cannes Film Festival or a TV market in 2010/11 and a $1,500 cash prize plus free registration to SPAA 2011 Conference.

Roy had his first film funded through Metro Screen, then went on to participate in the Transmedia Masterclass Scholarship and now well on his way to success.

“I’m really excited to pitch in front of the movers and shakers, to be put in front of them is why I do it, it’s a long quest as a filmmaker, this is really amazing” commented Roy.

Roy Weiland’s ‘Barton the Ghost Catcher’ is a Children’s transmedia project:
When class weirdo Barton is tormented by ghosts he feels that things could not get worse until he finds out he is the only person who can stop them and save the world.

“Unleashed upon Cannes I would have to get my network on, hustle my way into a few parties, watch a ton of fantastic films.  I’ve got few projects in development so would be constantly pitching to anyone who would listen to me.” Said Roy when asked what he would do if he won the SPAA competition.