Be immersed in filmmaking at Metro Screen, the independent filmmakers hub for the last 34 years. Find your creative soul mates, take risks, build your team and define your voice. Come to Metro Screen for project development and funding, practical and creative training, regular filmmaker events, along with gear, studio and post production facilities.

Metro Screen. Making filmmakers.


Practical hand-on professional training. Learn all the skills you need to get a job in the industry and make successful films, TV shows and online content

Hire & production services

High quality video production equipment, chroma key studio, post production services and sound booth for hire. Streaming, broadcast and new media services with crew hire, technical assistance, advice and support.


Metro Screen is invests over $170,000 in new productions; financial funding, production subsidies, development hot housing, mentoring and support for filmmakers in NSW. Special funds are earmarked for Emerging Filmmakers and Indigenous.


CONNECT events bring the filmmaking community together to learn, meet, and develop networks.