Metro Screeners Nominated for Top International Short Film Prize

By August 12, 2015 Congratulations

Congratulations to Metro Screeners Samuel Leighton-Dore and Tony Radevski whose short films Showboy and Hole are nominated for Cardiff’s Iris Prize, the largest LGBT short film prize in the world.

Samuel Leighton-Dore’s Showboy was made with the support of Metro Screen’s Breaks and Raw Nerve funding. Based on a true story, it follows the journey of Julian, a young gay drag show performer who finds himself struggling to keep his sexuality secret while supporting his depressed, unemployed father, following the unexpected death of his mother.

Tony Radevski’s Hole is an excellent animated film about two men who share an unlikely encounter in a bathroom cubicle. Hole plays with your expectations and delivers a powerful emotional punch.

The Iris Prize will be presented during the Iris Prize Festival in Cardiff, Wales, from 7-11 October 2015. Valued at £30,000, the Iris Prize is the only short film prize in the world that allows the winner to make a new film. Iris is what filmmakers need—funding, support and guidance.

Good luck Sam and Tony!

For more information about the Iris Prize Festival visit: