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By January 9, 2013 Blog

While YouTube is great for reaching potentially unlimited eyeballs, handing over your copyright to its owners, Google and getting lost in the myriad of how-to and cat videos is not for everyone. If you’ve put together a great story and a riveting documentary and decided it’s time to get it out there to the online world, here are some monetised content distribution options that might be worth considering.


Fairfax offer audiences online content via their site. The focus is on longform content over 30 minutes open to all genres. The channel manager, Ricky Sutton gets about three or four approaches per week and offers a standard 50/50 revenue share model to content makers. The major advantage of this option is the muscle, might and potential of the Sydney Morning Herald marketing machine. If that machine kicks in, your content will be promoted across their various channels. If you are interested in submitting work email and try your luck.


This new Australian content platform offers audiences a chance to see independent films and gives filmmakers a chance to earn a living from their audiences. The submission process is open, with scalable revenue models and no upfront costs. The non-exclusive contracts are a revenue split with 70% of the revenue going directly to you through monthly payments. Other advantages include the ability to geo-block, set prices and view live analytics and reports on your content.


This US based platform works with first time filmmakers right through to content aggregators offering rental, download and ad-supported distribution network options as well as ongoing marketing and social media support. A victim of their own success, Dynamo is so popular it now only enters in to agreements with new clients through service agreements, rather than being open to any individual filmmaker. It’s still worth considering for larger projects or those with a suite of content to distribute to online audiences.


Last year Telstra invested heavily in the US based platform that services nearly one in four US homes with online TV. The company rolled out a bunch of new features to the Australian market including HTML5 last year. This video platform provides top end video analytics to the Australian and New Zealand content business community. They have a range of monetisation options for content providers.


Mubi launched in Australia via Sony, Australians can stream its catalogues of films through to TV screens from the Playstation 3. Mubi Garage is the space for emerging filmmakers to share their works from vimeo with the filmmaking community. It is described as a call for manifestos in the form of moving image. Whilst Garage is limited to collaboration and presentation i.e. free viewing, they do list a direct contact for Acquistions in the forums:


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Researched and Written By Tiani Chillemi – Development Manager, Metro Screen
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