Money Tree at African Film Festival

By March 6, 2012 Congratulations

Funded by Metro Screen’s First Break Program 2011, Money Tree is an animation about Solomon, a destitute African boy trapped in poverty and his dreams of becoming rich. One day while roaming the village market he finds a coin belonging to a female shopper. He decides against the easy option of purchasing food with the money because he cannot bear to part with the coin, and so seeks the advice of his older brother. Solomon’s brother convinces him to grow a money tree by planting the coin, which he does. Unbeknownst to Solomon however his brother takes the coin at the first opportunity and he spends a week watering nothing. When he finally realises the truth Solomon is confronted with reality that he can never get something for nothing and that what goes around comes around. The film is directed by Hawanatu Bangura and will screen at the inaugural African Film Festival in Sydney on 14th April.

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