Moonlight Cinema Presents ‘Backtrack’

By December 1, 2015 Events

Don’t miss the exclusive preview screening of Backtrack at Sydney Moonlight Cinema this Sunday 6 December.

Backtrack is a pyschological thriller from acclaimed writer/director Michael Petroni. Adrien Brody stars as psychologist Peter Bower, whose life is thrown into turmoil when he realises the patients he’s been seeing are the terrified ghosts of people who died 20 years ago. This prompts Peter to return to his home town where he uncovers a horrifying truth that only he can put right.

When: 6 December 2015, 8:30pm

Where: Belvedere Amphitheatre, Centennial Park, Sydney

Cost: $14.50 Senior/ $16.50 Student/ $19 Adult


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