Musician Looking for Work as Soundtrack Composer

By September 11, 2013 Jobs

My name is Carlos Devizia and I am an Argentinian musician. I am looking for jobs as freelance soundtrack composer.
I can handle very different styles of music and have at my disposal a wide sound palette. As you may want to listen to some samples of my music, you can donwload some free music albums by me following the links below:

(this first one is mainly electronic)

(this second one is mainly blues-rock)

(These three last ones are mainly experimental)

The five albums are freely donwloadable.

You´ll hear different sound fonts in these albums: music software (vintage such as gameboy software or C64 software, , as well as nowadays VSTis), electric and Spanish guitar, alto sax, didgeridoo, clarinet, ethnic instruments, etc.
Apart from the styles you´ll hear in those albums I can handle very different ones. If you need to know anything else or need any kind of information, please don´t hesitate to ask.Also, I can write compositions or arrangements in sheet music, if needed.

This is a preview of an orchestral piece (it is computer generated directly from the score editor, of course by a real orchestra comformed by real musicians with real instruments it will be a huge difference):

And here you can play a some flash game with music made by me (I made different tracks for them. In some cases the developer gave me credit for sound FX too, but I only made a few of them. Most of sound FX were made by the developer. I made all the music):

You can contact me at: