‘Click For Festivals’: New Film Submission Database

By January 16, 2015 Entries
Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 1.45.25 PM

A new online film submission platform Click For Festivals has launched, boasting more than 770 film festivals.

The site allows users to upload their films in full HD so the quality of submissions is not compromised. The site allows multiple versions to be uploaded so the most appropriate version can be sent to each festival.

While  your film is uploading, you can provide information about your film on a standardised data sheet, which will be provided and used for all the different festivals.

Click For Festivals can also be used as a platform to host and share your work with anyone.

Click For Festivals offers users the opportunity to make the most out of their ‘clicks’. If your film gets selected for a festival, we will give you back the ‘click’.

For more information visit: clickforfestivals.com/index.php?idioma=2