New Writing Program – The Script Sessions

By March 7, 2013 Industry News

Working on a great feature script, but struggling to nail down your final draft? Well, you know what they say: writing is rewriting.

But how does one go about applying that advice?

The Script Sessions is a series of intensive one-day workshops designed to take your feature script to the next level. A rare opportunity to work one-on-one with professional story analyst and screenwriting teacher Karel Segers, The Script Sessions are oriented around in-depth critical discussion with a view to bringing out the crucial essence of your script through compelling characters and engaging story structure.

Karel will help you analyse your script in terms of character, story, concept, and theme, and ensure that the correct script formatting is being observed. Whether you want to create an outstanding high-concept script that sells itself, or you’re a budding filmmaker looking to refine their masterpiece before entering pre-production, this workshop is here to help you progress it to the next draft.

There are three Script Session dates to choose from:
– Sat 22 June
– Sat 7 Sept
– Sat Dec

To keep the focus on one-on-one discussion and development, each Script Session will be attended by just five writers. If you’re still at the concept stage or want to learn about script development and editing, you can also come along as an observer as Karel walks the five writers through their projects. Writers can choose to revisit the process more than once.

All you need to apply is send a logline for your feature, a half page synopsis, and the first ten pages of your screenplay. Send these with your preferred Script Session date and contact details to