NITV Regional, Remote & Emerging Initiative

By April 26, 2013 Entries

15 minutes of new Indigenous content, six days a week for 20 weeks, on our screen.
 NITV is looking to commission new content that will be branded under our daily themes. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander filmmakers and Regional and Remote media organisations can apply for a one off story to do or up to 10 stories maximum across the themes.

Providing an opportunity for emerging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander filmmakers and Media Organisations to show us your stories form your community and show our audience a slice of life from our communities around Australia.

Applicants to apply via application form and fill out a short paragraph on your story


Applications will close on 24th May 2013and we will notify you by Mid June. Shoots and edits to happen in July through to September.

For Independent producers who do not have a company, we are able to employ you through SBS for a three day pre production, two day shoot and 1 week edit (there are limited spaces for this part of the initiative)

If you only have the ability to shoot a story we will offer a commission of $3000, for you to send in the footage and we will internally cut story.

If you are set up to shoot and edit a story we will offer a commission of $7000.

We have created a template and a producers pack with information on coverage, edits and technical requirements for delivery.

Applications will be accepted from any Australian state or territory.

Producers can apply to State agencies/Sponsors for additional funding.

For more information visit: