Noirhouse Launch

By September 25, 2013 Events

Noirhouse, a stylised comedy shot in black and white, throws the familiar archetypes of film noir cinema: Detective, Femme Fatale, and Russian Thug; into a present day sharehouse in modern suburbia, and then ducks for cover as the plates are thrown and bullets fly.

Produced by Hobart-based production team Sky Machine, Noirhouse is a three part live action comedy aimed at capturing an international audience.

It’s also anticipated to be a turning point towards a new sustainable industry of web-based content produced in Tasmania. The partners that make up Sky Machine , Tim Logan, Nathan Spencer, and Shaun Wilson are not just focussed on making a great series with Noirhouse. They acknowledge that the traditional TV industry is being turned on its head by the internet, and they want to be at the forefront of internet based content delivery.

Producer/Director Shaun Wilson: “There’s a lot of panic about how to make content profitably for the web, but we see it as an opportunity. Never before has there been such a high demand for video content, and never before has there been such an easy way to reach a worldwide audience. Along with other content creators and distributors around the world, Sky Machine intends to find a way to make serial narrative content for the web in a sustainable manner.”

The first three episodes of Noirhouse can be viewed at: