Not Your Tourist Video – Documentary Short Film Competition

By April 17, 2013 Entries

The Brief:
What are the highs and lows of living in your city?
What are the hopes and fears of people living in it?

We want 3min documentary-style short films that do two things:
(1) Capture the essence of the city and the people who live in it
(2) Challenge what we already know about the place and the people, to make us see them in a new light.

The winning film will be judged based on its ability to provoke, move, inspire, and enlighten.

Some ways to catch our attention:
– We want to experience the PLACES that make up your city: public spaces, local neighbourhoods, inside homes
– We want to feel the energy of the PEOPLE living in it: What drives them? What gets them down?
– We are most interested in CHANGE: Has your city and its people always been like this? What are the signs of change – in the place, and in its people?

First Prize for your city: USD 700.00
Runner-Up for your city: USD 300.00

• Entries to reach us by Monday 27 May 2013; 9am Singapore time.
• To be uploaded via Wetransfer:

We are an international market research consultancy based in Singapore and we work with clients across Asia who come to us when they need help understanding how people in big cities like Taipei, Hong Kong, Saigon, Bangkok, Jakarta and Manila, Sydney live their everyday lives. With every project that we do, our challenge is to help our clients see the world through the eyes of the people, to provide an in-depth understanding of who these people are.

Like you, we believe that there is nothing more powerful than film or video to capture the soul and vibe of cities and the people who inhabit them. That’s why we are reaching out to young, independent filmmakers like you, so we can experience your city first hand.

Entries would be used as part of our marketing collaterals, with full credits to you.

Contact: and
Do drop us a line to indicate interest so we know to expect your entry

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