Now Everyone has a TV Studio

By July 19, 2012 Blog

Like most of us, you probably thought about a Google+ account but didn’t take it any further. It’s true the uptake hasn’t been as ubiquitous as Facebook, but wait for it -Google Hangouts Air is a total game changer for the media, film and TV industries. Everyone now has access to a live TV studio from your laptop or phone anywhere anytime as long as you have internet access. This is going to profoundly change the way people tell their stories and interact with audiences. To get the picture, check out Tyra Banks interacting with fans or hang under water at Green Island. Even the PM is hosting her own Question Time live. Team Metro Screen is going to test out this new fandangled tech with a ‘Hangout’ broadcast live from our next Connect event: Pimp My Profile. Join us on the Metro Screen Google+ page.