Open Call for Artists – Korean Cultural Office

By April 11, 2013 Entries

The Korean Cultural Office (KCO) Australia invites applications from anyone who are artists and film enthusiasts. We are welcoming you to create a storyboard drawing of your own visualization of a mystery script from a Korean film (to be revealed) and your work will be exhibited at the KCO on Elizabeth Street for FREE. You can be part of an upcoming exhibition at the KCO about the artistic techniques of Korean filmmaking. Your unique interpretation, together with several others, will illuminate the variety of cultural interpretations coexisting in Sydney. Successful applicants are offered 2013 Korean Film Festival Special Invitation at Event Cinema in August and DVD of the mystery film. Any medium of storyboard will be acceptable as long as it is two dimensional, including drawing, painting etc.

Applications close on 24/4/13

For more information and to apply visit: