Open Forum 2014

By February 14, 2014 Events

NAFA will start the year by addressing recent issues that span acting, writing and filmmaking.

We will discuss the following:
* Experiences with crowd-funding. Hear from those who’ve been there.
* Web series. They seem to be popular. What are the results?
* For feature films – consider a co-production between Australia and another country? Like China? Do you need to re-write your characters?
* Paid acting work. Can you do live role-plays? Your questions answered about MACA.
* What’s new in film festivals? Update from Festival Directors.
* Others.

This meeting will start at 7pm sharp.
As per NAFA tradition, we will start by asking attendees to introduce themselves (i.e. actor, writer, filmmaker, or all of the above!)

So join us for February Choc Tops.
Choc Tops are educational networking meetings for actors, screenwriters and filmmakers:

When: Monday 17th February 2014
Time: 6.30pm to 8.30pm
Where: Dolphin Hotel, 412 Crown Street, Surry Hills
Admission $10 | All welcome