Production Designer Required for Shoot- Low Budget Paid

By September 18, 2013 Jobs

I’m a Graduate Certificate directing student at AFTRS. I’m looking for a production designer for my final shoot in October. This is low budget but I’m happy to negotiate something, and of course take care of expenses. We also have access to the props section at AFTRS, however only ex-AFTRS students would have access to the work shop.

The film is a dark sci-fi thriller in the vein of The Matrix/12 Monkeys. There are some props and set props to work on, and what we’re trying to create is a world with a sense of dark technological alien like world like in The Matrix or Dark City. I’d like to do this with simple props, so nothing too out there that needs 3 people to carry, more like the computers in the office have just that so slight feeling of not being entirely of our world. The overall design would be a collaboration between the Production Designer, the Costume Designer, and myself, and ideally we’d like to create something quite unique.

A bit about me, I come from a background of film and the arts. I have worked extensively in CG in Australia and overseas on top commercial, feature film, short film and television shows before taking on theatre directing at NIDA. I have directed both live action and animated short films, all of which were self produced and self funded, and my intention for this film to not only to be an assessment film but to finish it off properly and professionally when it’s done.

So if you’re interested I’d love to hear from you soon.

Contact: Daniel

Phone: 0420 974276


Cheers and have a great day,