Production Designer Wanted For Feature Film

By August 20, 2013 Jobs

We are looking for a production designer for a low budget independent horror feature film located Sydney, NSW. We are currently in pre-production and will be shooting in Feb-Mar 2014, over 3-4 locations. This position is a deferred payment, although is a great opportunity for student graduates to gain experience in the film industry. The role must be filled by someone who is organised, a hard worker, innovative, enthusiastic work ethic, punctual and has good time management.
Skill Requirements:
• Must have excellent communication and presentation skills. Be able to converse effectively in English.
• Has experience in research
• Understand all different aspects of production
• Must have a passion to work in the media and movie industry.
• Should be able to deliver under stressful and demanding situations.
• Highly skilled and creative individuals who can think out of the box.
• Excellent design and visual awareness skills.
• Must have knowledge of various aspects of film making such as camera, lighting, sound, direction, etc.
• Basic budgeting knowledge.
• Should be proficient in using computers and MS Office.
Job Duties:
• Understand the story and screenplay of the movie in detail.
• Hold discussions and coordinate with various crew members such as producer, director, cameraman, lights team, fashion designer, art director, set decorator, actors, choreographer, etc.
• Based on the detailed understanding of the script and liaison with crew members, visualize a look and feel for the movie.
• Work with the graphics team and art directors to make sketches / drawings of the sets.
• Liaise with prop master, set decorator and costume designer to ensure props and costumes which are being used are in sync with the scene being shot.
• Record all the costs incurred on the production and ensure it does not overshoot the budget provided.
Work Conditions:
• Can will in a team and by themselves if needed
• Desk work from the office of the production team.
• May have to be on outdoor shoots for days at a stretch.
• Can work throughout the weekend day.

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