Professional Acclaim for Metro Screen’s 2014 Post Production Graduates!

By December 10, 2014 Congratulations
Post Production

This class of 15 learned their craft under the experienced eye of post production veteran, Jas Shennan, who has more credits than most Film Editors in the country, and who Executive Producers credit as being instrumental to the success of several TV shows.

Their successes so far include:

  • Four are now employed with Channel 7 working on My Kitchen Rules and House Rules.
  • One is now working with Channel 10.
  • Six are currently undertaking internships at Fremantle Media, where they complete a two day training course and a two week internship.
  • One is now working with Eden Creative Media
  • Two recently completed editing internships with Metro Screen – editing our content.
  • Two are currently undertaking internships on freelance projects.

“I am very impressed with the overall skill level and work ethic of all of the Metro Screen graduates who have come to Channel 7, and I will be looking to grow that relationship when I am crewing future productions,” said Supervising Post Production Coordinator Nicki Carston. When asked how graduate Lama Dabbage is going in her internship Nicki said: “Overall I give Lama two very big thumbs up!!”

House Rules Editing Assistant Supervisor Julian Griffiths spoke highly of interns Cristen Boorman and Gerald Lee, too: “Over the few weeks I have known them, they have both become valuable night-team members. With a bit more experience I can see them catching up to our more senior assistants early next year.”

Noni Cowan who is working at Channel 7 on My Kitchen Rules also received high praise. “I’d be happy to work with her again, ” said Supervising Editing Assistant Samantha Aveling. “I would recommend her for future assisting roles.”

Well done guys! A big congratulations to you from everyone at Metro Screen.

Our 2014 Post Production Scholarship was funded by the NSW government in partnership with the Commonwealth government for Australian Citizens resident in NSW.