Sandra Pires With Beneath Black Skies

By May 13, 2010 Congratulations

Sandra is a current participant of the Metro Screen Multiplatform Scholarship course and her documentary ‘Beneath Black Skies’ won a National Trust Heritage  Award and premiered on the History Channel on 8th May. On the 26th May, Peter Garrett MP will introduce it in a special screening in  Parliament. The documentary acknowledges the history of coal mining
and labour movement.

The Illawarra, South of Sydney, once held a reputation for the  dustiest and gassiest coal mines in Australia. Australia’s two most tragic and largest industrial disasters took  place within 20 years and within twenty kilometres of each other. Narrated by David Field and Produced/Directed by Sandra Pires DOP Javier Valledor.

Congratulations to Sandra and let’s hope it is picked up for free to air broadcast.