Screen 2030 Interview Series Launch

By September 18, 2014 Blog

Metro Screen’s Digital Kitchen, funded by Screen NSW, launched the online documentary Screen 2030: Making My Content Pay, at VIVID IDEAS this year asking the big question: What will the screen industry look like in 2030 and will a creative screen career pay the rent? Bang! This full house event was an enthusiastic exploration of the future career opportunities of content makers led by Tim Parsons and a panel of the screen and media industry’s key thinkers including Mike Jones, Mark Pesce, Sandy George, Georgie McClean and Marcus Gillezeau to name a few.

Watch Screen 2030: Making My Content Pay online and now we are offering you the opportunity to view the extended interviews in a series over the next few months. Episode one features acclaimed transmedia producer and writer Mike Jones of Portal Entertainment.

“This is the best time ever to be a writer, creator, producer or director of stories because there’s never been more diverse audiences, there’s never been more active niches and there’s never been more mediums to tell these stories”. Mike Jones.

Over the coming months explore key concepts that resulted from the topic including the importance of good storytelling by content makers.

“If a screen professional wants to have a career in 2030, they need to be doubling down on their story capability, their world and mythmaking. Those capabilities come to the front”. Mark Pesce, Media Futurist.

Stay tuned and we look forward to presenting the complete series of extended interviews over the coming months.