Screen Australia Seeks Ambitious and Innovative Ideas for Streamlined Enterprise Program

By July 1, 2015 Industry News

Screen Australia will continue its commitment to strengthen the Australian screen industry and talent with the newly streamlined Enterprise program. This merges the previous Enterprise Stories and Growth into a single stream to be known as Enterprise Industry.

The 2015/16 program will encourage production and distribution companies to enable ambitious ideas, advance early-career talent development and innovative business initiatives. Last year, Screen Australia made a commitment of $10 million over three years to the program.

Screen Australia’s Head of Business and Audience Richard Harris said: “The recent recipients of Enterprise brought a diverse range of innovative and achievable proposals to the agency that will not only build their businesses but deliver longer-term industry benefits.

This year we have further streamlined the Enterprise process, which we believe will allow the best industry ideas from development through to distribution to compete in an even more open playing field. We are genuinely excited to see what ideas the industry brings to us once again.”

The Enterprise program will now comprise of two broad funding avenues:

1. Enterprise Industry will integrate the previous Enterprise Stories and Growth streams, and continue to encourage local screen businesses to take on ambitious and innovative projects that contribute to the sector as a whole. Enterprise Industry will prioritise proposals that advance new models for development, financing, production and distribution of Australian screen content and that actively foster local and international collaboration.

Applications will be assessed via a two-stage process. At the first stage applicants will submit an Expression of Interest: a brief pitch highlighting an original, well-developed idea(s) that can be realised – a video submission is optional. Shortlisted applicants will receive an invitation to apply for the second stage.

2. Enterprise People targets industry placements to advance the skills of early-career writers, directors and creative producers. Applications will be assessed through a single stage process.

Applications are via the Online Application Portal with a strict deadline of 10 July 2015. Applications for Enterprise People are expected to open at the end of 2015.

For any application enquiries please contact the Program Operations team on 1800 507 901 or email

PHOTO CREDIT: Shot of feature film SHERPA in post-production. SHERPA is a Felix Media film, and enterprise program participant Bethany Bruce is attached to this project.