Screen Futures And Youth Media Festival

By September 24, 2015 Events

Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) is pleased to announce that the next international Screen Futures summit will be held in Melbourne from 1-3 July 2016. Three days of international keynote speakers, panels, roundtables, screenings, and breakout sessions will bring together the best minds in current media theory. The second day is a national Youth Media Festival for primary, secondary and tertiary students interested in film, television and new media, as well as young emerging screen practitioners from all over the country. This is the second Screen Futures summit presented by ATOM and builds on our inaugural event held in 2011.

Screen Futures 2016 will re-examine the past and peer into the future. It will give us all a sense of where we may be headed. How has the analog-to-digital shift played out in culture, society, the entertainment industry and education? Is analog fighting back? Have we all become active citizen journalists? Has the new technology democratised our media or has it just led to everyone creating cat videos for YouTube? Are these questions themselves binaries? Has the medium superseded the message? Where and what is content now and in the future?

Screen Futures and the Youth Media Festival will bring together education and media–industry professionals from across the globe to examine the increasingly fluid state of the media world and suggest how educators can leverage such constant change within the classroom.

Save the dates 1–3 July in your 2016 diary!

Registrations open on 1 October 2015.

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