Screenwriter of Movie, Short & TV Scripts Seeking Producers

By April 29, 2013 Jobs

I am a published author of novels, guidebooks and biographies,but now trying my hand at scripts.

I have written two full-length movie scripts:
a) ‘Heaven Nor Hell’ – a a comedy-drama about journalism students investigating scientists who create The Eternal Drug to disprove the existance of Heaven and Hell
c) ‘Cinnamon Sweat (Too Fat to Rock ‘n Roll)’ – a quirky comedy sent in outback Australia; think ‘Spinal Tap’ meets ‘Priscilla: Queen of the Desert’

A TV comedy series set in Thailand of eight 45-minute episodes called ‘Middle Aged Run Aways’. This follows an Australian baby boomer couple who are fed up with their overdependent children still living at home and run away to live in Phuket

And ‘Class Act’, a short film of 20 minutes with one act that would be very easy to film or produce on stage.

If you have any interest in these, or working together on any titles, please let me know. I can sent you the scripts, synopses and my resume.

Contact: Paul Greenway