Multi-Screen Engagement: The Secrets Behind The Success Of The Emmys, Streamys & Oscar Award-Winners

By February 18, 2015 Events
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In this masterclass presented by X Media Lab, leading Hollywood media advisor, USC Professor, and ‘The Emmys’ Television Academy ‘Interactive Media’ Governor Seth Shapiro will give you the playbook on how to create game-changing media content.

This masterclass will arm you with the strategies and techniques a brand new generation of media leaders in Hollywood are employing in four critical areas:

  • Cross-platform development
  • Original online programming
  • Social media and screen content
  • User experience and interactive design

Driven by new technologies, distribution platforms and business models, game-changing media has moved from cinema to broadcast to cable… and now, to a new era of cross-platform media that will dominate all other categories.

Why do some of these cross-platform projects become massive global successes, while most disappear without a trace?

Learn the secrets behind the success of the global award-winners.

SYDNEY – 30 March, MELBOURNE – 31 March

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