Seeking Screenwriter/Collaborator

By September 23, 2014 Jobs

I am an Italian Writer/Director who needs a Writer/Collaborator. Grammar is not my strength, but storytelling and visual style are. So I am looking for someone who can help me out flesh out and write the best quality screenplays that are to the point and free from grammatical errors. I’m an exceptional motivator who writes all the time and doesn’t believe in writing blocks. Also, I like many genres. Right now I’m penning a comedy, a crime-drama and a sci-fi!

So, if you’re a good screenwriter who needs a collaborator to get some extra ‘mmmpf’, please send me an email:

For more information, you may like to check out my latest shorts:

More about me:

I hold a BA degree in Cinematic Film Studies which I obtained in London in 2005. I have worked with high-calibre people such as Peter Faiman (Director of Crocodile Dundee), and I have met Mark Turnbull (Executive Producer of Two Hands). At present I’m an editor on a number of shows for ABC Australia. I strongly believe that to be an effective Writer/Director, one has to perfect the art of cutting. A sense of pace, rhythm and flow are invaluable to the mechanics of storytelling.