Seeking Volunteer VFX Artist For Retro Game-Inspired Short Film

By June 5, 2015 Jobs

Are you a VFX artist looking for an exciting and fulfilling project to work on? Are you also a veteran video gamer?

If you have answered “yes” to the above, you will want to keep reading!

We are on the lookout for a VFX Artist to join our AFX team to work on an animated arcade game sequence for our short film Continue?

Continue? is a film exploring the importance of communal support in an individual’s life. The story unfolds through the eyes of a Gamer as she plays through the story of the arcade game Ray’s Run. Ray, the game’s main protagonist, wakes up to find that his arch enemy, Mr Gloom, has kidnapped his girlfriend and plans to sacrifice her to gain eternal life. In a classic response, Ray decides to go on a Kung Fu journey, to raise support and rescue his beloved from the evil clutches of Mr Gloom. It is up to the Gamer to keep Ray alive by fighting for him and feeding the arcade machine precious heart tokens when he falls. Will Ray gather enough support to reach the Tower of Evil and defeat Mr Gloom?

This film is being created for FilmLife, a good cause initiative that aims to inspire “the chat that could save lives”. As the film is being made for a good cause, our whole team is working on it on a voluntary basis. However, the film is being created at the highest quality and will be entered in multiple films festivals. An excellent showreel piece!

We have completed the film shoot, created all the assets, and been slowly making our way through the post-production stage. As the film is an ambitious project, we are looking for a VFX artist to work with our lead animator to help complete this project by end of August (expected event date for FilmLife).

The game sequence is being created using the same production method used to make the original Mortal Kombat games. The characters and enemies are real actors in costume that we filmed against a green screen using a Super 16 digital cinema camera. These have been cut into individual moves and will be turned into pixel sprites and then superimposed on original pixel art levels (three levels). All the assets will be supplied.

To be recruited as our valuable party member for our quest…

– You will be skilled with using Adobe After Effects for creating motion graphics, animation and visual effects.
– You should be comfortable with working with video footage and chroma key.
– You must have your own copy of the Adobe Suite (preferably Creative Cloud/CS6).
– You will be a Sydney-based artist and need to be available to work during June-August on a volunteer and freelance basis.
– You will be very self-motivated, an excellent communicator and a team player.

Sound like your kind of game? If so, send your expressions of interest to