Pauline Findlay and Alexandra Edmondson both graduated from the Metro Screen Multi-Platform Producing Scholarship in 2012. This course prepared them for their endeavour. As writer/directors the strong focus on storytelling in the course really spoke to them and helped them to make the leap from working in traditional media to embracing new media. As a result of the course they are across a lot of the latest developments in the digital world. They are currently working on the projects they conceived and developed during the year at Metro and they are also now applying the techniques and skills they learned to their clients’ projects.

Shooting Venus is a Transmedia production and consulting company. We believe in the power of storytelling to connect your brand to its audience. Shooting Venus will identify your brand’s core values and use them to create a story that speaks directly to your audience and builds a stronger emotional connection to your brand. We tell your story by creating digital content to spread across multi-platforms.

Shooting Venus is Pauline Findlay and Alexandra Edmondson. We are storytellers who work across a variety of digital platforms. With backgrounds in the corporate world and the film & television industry, we bring a unique blend of business and creative skills to our projects. Our current projects include an online interactive documentary to mark the 50th anniversary of The Wayside Chapel to be launched in 2014, a transmedia strategy for ‘Lola’ a teenage feature film set in the world of punk rock; and a transmedia strategy for ‘Tivoli’ a teenage mystery drama which will be released as an interactive online novel.