Shopping is a Metro Screen Jump Start 2011 project, produced by Metro Screen Alumni Melissa Azizi and edited at Metro Screen. Writer/Producer Peter A Cross sadly passed away on 5th July 2012 after a long and courageous battle with cancer. His legacy is his witty, biting blog: and many screenplays of which Shopping is only a very small but significant part. His film took the long way through the production maze but it emerged triumphant. Unfortunately, Peter only saw its first small victories. Produced by Melissa Azizi and directed by Will Kuether, it is beautifully shot and  very evocative of ‘what could have been’. It is a poetic journey of two women in search of love in an ever-changing world. From the moment two children meet in a shopping aisle, their touch establishes a connection that will last the rest of their lives. As women they meet through the years in the same aisle, afraid to grasp the opportunity that is offered. In an ever-changing world they begin to understand that the one thing that never changes is their love. When they meet for the last time as elderly women, they realize that their missed opportunities for love need never tear them apart again.

The film has been accepted into the following festivals:

– Long Island International Film Expo. Awarded Best Original song for Shopping
– SHOUT Film Festival
– 25th Annual Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival
– New Orleans Film Festival
– Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
– TAMPA International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
– OUTrageous Santa Barbara Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
– Hollywood: Australians in Film